JET LIFT INTERNATIONAL, INC. (JLI), an Airline Management and Marketing company is based at Orlando-Sanford International Airport [SFB], 100 StarPort Way., Suite 3, Sanford, FL 32773-6843. Randall J. Lee; CEO and Multi-engine Pilot has 30 years in the travel and airline industry. Since 1989 Jet Lift has been designing, implementing and managing large air charter contracts, referred to in the industry as "track programs" on a worldwide basis. From a simple ad-hoc or corporate charter to a long term commercial program, JLI provides a variety of aircraft and service programs to fit any clients requirements.

As past Director of Marketing for Jet Fleet International Airlines, Jet Lift's knowledge of all aspects of an airlines operation can be demonstrated by the various contracts that it has developed and managed for. JLI has helped take start-up operations through to 121 and 135 certification for a number of carriers such as Sky Trek International Airlines and National Air Charters. JLI can arrange for the lease, sale or purchase/financing of any type transport category or corporate aircraft worldwide. JLI is the marketing and management arm and operational developer of City Shuttle Airlines, a proposed Part 121 shuttle airline based at Orlando-Sanford International Airport that will provide FBO to FBO scheduled service to select city-pairs using all first class DC-9 equipment.

JLI is a value oriented CUSTOMER FOCUSED COMPANY and is committed to Total Quality Management (TQM), customer service and cost containment which is reflected in the quality of the product they deliver for their clients. The extremely high level of passenger satisfaction is achieved on a consistent level as reflected by repeat business. "Our Business Is Giving Yours A Lift".

Non ACMI areas of expertise are shown in their System Service Management (SSM) program. Their SSM program entails different aspects depending on client needs, and in all cases they monitor the respective ground handlers and required disbursement of operating supplies; i.e., bag tags, boarding passes, seat charts, etc., in a timely manner for their charter clients. Through the SSM program they put their employees in the terminal operations in order to oversee all aspects of ground handling, checkin and catering for their clients. In certain situations, they will hire and coordinate all ground handling activities for the carrier including contract fuel and catering purchases. JLI places a SSM Manager onboard aircraft to over see all flight and ground activities hands-on, and in most cases they make all operational trip payments through to reconciliation. JLI, through its SSM money management program handles all of their clients budgetary monies and payment disbursements from JLI aircraft management accounts. This is an actual invoice cost plus program that provides their clients with substantial cost savings and operational flexibility not otherwise available to them.

Because of their diverse aviation background, JLI is in tune to all operational aspects of aircraft charter movements, inflight operations, transport sales and leasing, ground handling through to customer service and passenger movements. Through their sister company, AirCharter World of San Francisco, Richard Lee; President, with affiliate offices in London, Delhi, and Singapore, JLI can provide System Service Management and Air Charter Programs virtually worldwide should their clients request this service. JLI can market and manage, on an exclusive basis, total airline operations with turnkey marketing and non-ACIM programs. These programs have been operated for tour operators and for 121 and 135 air carriers such as Jet Fleet International of Dallas, TX., [B737's & BAC1-11], based at SFB, National Air Charters of Daytona Beach, FL [DC-3], Sky Trek International Airlines of Richmond, VA., with their first two B727-200's and Sierra Pacific Airlines with a 737 to name a few.

Jet Lift has operated and managed track programs for some of the largest tour operators and government agencies in America which include Apple Vacations, Fling Vacations, NATO, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Dolphin Cruise Lines, R & R Vacations, Club Med, Tour Express, Casino Airlink and Boomtown. They instituted their SSM program with Club Med in providing a logistical program into Turks Caicos Islands in 1991. They also provide subservice aircraft and SSM service to other carriers including scheduled, flag and supplemental; i.e., KIWI International Airlines, AvAtlantic, Air Nova, Miami Air, Planet Airways, Bahamasair, Sierra Pacific, Zuliana Airlines, Sky Trek International Airlines, KIWI Travel International Airlines (New Zealand), and Aerocancun and Gulfstream International Airlines (Continental Connection) to name a few.

JLI has provided turnkey charter and management operations for major personalities in the entertainment industry such as John Travolta, flying his 34 day domestic and international promotional tour for his movie 'Battlefield Earth', Arnold Swartzeneger's production company during the filming of 'True Lies', Warner Brothers Studios, Oscar winner Russell Crowe and his US tour of his band TOFOG, and many other VIP's. Jet Lift uses executive configured 737, 727, 757 & 767 transports for these events. We can also arrange for smaller corporate jets from 10-16 passenger GVs to 6 passenger Lear's.

Jet Lift's corporate client list includes top US Fortune 500 corporations. JLI has help arranged to move as many as 1600 corporate employees in one day from all across the U.S. to a dinner meeting in San Francisco and back home. This exemplifies their ability to put together and coordinate a mass of logistical movement of people in a short period of time. At Orlando-Sanford International Airport [SFB] Jet Lift International has been a full service ground handler and the General Manager for, Universal Aviation Services, now Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics Enterprises, Inc. of McMinnville, OR.

Jet Lift invites you to give them a call concerning any aviation related requirement from a one time charter movement of one person to long term charter contracts moving thousands of passengers. From public and private passenger movements, domestic or worldwide, to aircraft lease, acquisition or aircraft management, Jet Lift will make the experience smooth and worry free.

Jet Lift looks forward to working with you in the near future and being of continued service to our customers. Thank you.


Orlando-Sanford International Airport
100 StarPort Way, Suite 3
Sanford, Florida 32773-6843
[p] 407.687.7711